Our wool story

Big Save is proud to have been working with local New Zealand farmers to produce our New Zealand wool sofa range. We are continuously reimagining how to source materials for manufacturing quality products. As kiwi consumers become more aware of the importance of purchasing sustainably manufactured products, there is also an expanding want for materials that are as good for human health as they are for the environment.

After the year that was ‘Covid’, we are no longer ‘business as usual’, we are ‘business with a better purpose’. As a brand we needed to ask ourselves what do our customers truly want? This opened the way for home-grown innovation that cares for the customer and the planet. At the forefront of this is our sustainably grown New Zealand wool.

Thanks to wool’s ability to cool and heat naturally and neutralise Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), the micro particles produced by widely used synthetic fibers. Naturally fire retardant and allergy-friendly, wool is becoming the fiber of choice for fashion designers and furniture manufacturers alike.

Big Save, Big Benefits

As the world shifted its focus in 2020, we shifted our focus and values to start looking at furniture that could make a positive impact in people’s lives. This brought our wool sofa range into focus for our brand. The range features supportive loose tufted wool in the back and seat cushions with the option to upholster with our 100% New Zealand Wool Drysdale fabric.

Supporting our Farmers

Upon hearing of the dire situation that wool farmers were in, some without being able to move their stockpile. We as a retailer brainstormed how we could have a positive impact and work together with farmers to develop a product that would benefit not only our customers but also our kiwi farmers.

We commit a fair price to NZ Wool Farmers, offering $4.50 per kg over the current standard of $1.50.