In a move to adhere to our sustainable values, we are using REPREVE recycled fiber in our Cascade and Lotti lounge suites. This is a move that we foresee to continue through to more of our sofa collection in the coming years.

Who are REPREVE?

Billions of plastic bottles go into landfills every year. But now you can do something about it. REPREVE is the leading, most trusted, branded performance fiber made from recycled materials. They transform recycled bottles into an amazing fiber, used by the world’s leading brands. Their process embeds properties like wicking, adaptive warming and cooling, water repellency, and more at the fiber level.


They’re not just finding new life for recycled materials. Compared to making what’s called virgin fiber, making REPREVE offsets using new petroleum, emitting fewer greenhouse gases and conserving water and energy in the process.

For more information on Repreve, head over to their website:

Have you seen this green tag in store?! This is on all of our sofa’s made from Repreve fabric!